Biblical Community 

“Discipleship isn’t a program of the church, but the very mission of the church.”

We believe discipleship happens within the context of biblical community. At Boca Glades, we encourage every believer to be engaged and plugged in community.

Join one of our communities!

Gospel Communities 

Gospel Communities (GCs) are groups of 8-14 people who are growing in the Gospel living as family, servants, and missionaries. As disciples, they learn to love one another and their neighbors serving them in life-giving ways. These groups are small enough to care for each other’s growth in Christ, but large enough to dare, engaging the culture around them.
GC’s are families on mission, fueled by the Gospel and sent out to a group of people who do not know Jesus. We want all people to experience the love of Christ by seeing our love for one another. GC’s proclaim the Gospel in word, but also demonstrate the Gospel in deed. Jesus tells us that people will come to know Him by our love for one another.

DNA Groups 

DNA's are groups of 3-5 men or women who meet up at least once a week. They are extensions of GC's and the primary place where multiplication happen; where mentees become mentors, Timothy's become Paul’s, and where people grow to reach the lost and teach the found. The acronym stands for discover, nurture, and act.
  • They discover the truth about who God is and what he’s done (HEAD)
  • They nurture each other in love with the Gospel (HEART)
  • They act in accordance with what the Spirit is calling them to do (HANDS)

Sunday School

Sunday School takes place from 9:45-10:45am between our Sunday gatherings. Members and guests can expect to learn from God’s Word as they navigate through the entire Bible walking through the Gospel Project as our church wide curriculum. Sunday School is also a place where we equip teachers and empower them to exercise the spiritual gift of teaching.
Benefits of Gospel Project
  • Unity: “Every age is on the same page.” Our entire church is walking through the Bible together; from the cradle, to college, to our seniors. 
  • Foundation & Metanarrative: Over the course of 3 years, we will walk through the entire Bible, teaching the Bible as on big unified story. 
  • Repetition: Ensuring that we point people to Jesus and teach them to see the main idea while reading through a text or any book in the Bible.