covid-19 Update


Boca Glades Family, we’re here to let you know that after hours of prayer, conversation, and wisdom seeking that we have begun to resume in-person worship gatherings as of Sunday, August 30th.

Here’s what you can expect on Sunday:

English speaking worship service at 11:00am and Portuguese speaking worship gathering at 6:00pm.
  • These gatherings will be first come, first serve. We will operate at 50% capacity and practice 6-foot social distancing.
  • If you come to a gathering and it is already full, you’ll have the option of viewing the livestream in an overflow area or coming back for the next gathering.

What we are doing to cultivate a safe environment: 

  • Recruiting ushers and greeters to help with social distancing and seating.  
  • Keeping worship gatherings to approximately one hour to give ample time and space for attendees to enter and exit the worship center.
  • Recommending masks at all gatherings in accordance with guidance from Palm Beach County.
  • Roping off pews to ensure we are sitting 6 feet apart.
  • A comprehensive clean between each gathering which includes sanitizing pews, restrooms, common areas, countertops, etc.
  • We won’t pass offering plates for giving. Instead, we’ll be encouraging you to give online or to use dropboxes as you exit.
  • Encouraging no hugs and handshakes. 

For the time being, certain facets of ministry are being limited due to Covid-19 restrictions. 

During this season, we are offering worship gatherings both in person and online.  Many of our adult groups are meeting virtually during this season.  Beginning in September, we are resuming in-person gatherings for Mens and Womens Ministries.  We are also offering in-person gatherings midweek for youth and college students.  We encourage you to be involved to whatever extent you are comfortable, whether in-person or virtually.
Kids’ ministry probably won’t return until we are fully open. We see too many safety risks involved in kids sharing toys, snacks, and young children continually trying to put things in their mouths. You are welcome to bring your children into our church-wide worship gatherings and we’ll be preparing some discipleship resources to help busy bodies to stay engaged. We are also asking for church members to show much grace toward noisy little ones and young families. Let’s keep in mind that Jesus rebuked the disciples for not allowing the little children to come near Him!
During quarantine, social media has become somewhat of a cesspool with individuals tearing one another down regarding the re-opening of things like beaches, businesses, schools, and the list goes on and on. Let’s just keep in mind that the world is watching us. And regarding the decision to re-open the church facilities, we are pleading for humility and for grace to abound. Even if you don’t agree with one another, let’s make sure we handle our disputes Biblically and not demonize one another. Let’s guard our witness because the world needs the hope of the Gospel as never before.